Rules of the
World Puzzle Days 2022

To WPD experts: Changes are only in point 4.

Just a few points to avoid chaos and annoyed participants...

1. Date: December 31, 2021 to March 1, 2022. From midday to midday, Central European local time. To see the exact start and end time please watch the countdown by a click on WPD 2022.

2. Clock: We play in 35-50 different countries and all time zones. For every time in the WPD we have 1 common clock, and this is here as a countdown.

3. Venue: Facebook > Group: World Puzzle Days 2022 as well as here. Please do not only visit our group. Ask also for a request of membership. Only members can post photos in the group. So we can protect you against spammers.

4. Costs: The participation in the World Puzzle Days 2022 is free of charge for everybody. But registrations after November 30 can not be accepted, due to expected high number of players. So please register now on interest!

5. Language: We write in English to avoid building groups, excluding all other players. If necessary, you can use a translator. 😉

6. Allowed puzzles: All puzzle sizes from 1,000 to 10,000. You may choose the image and brand of your puzzles according to your personal taste. Besides this single bags of giant puzzles if they present a finished image. (For example the 42320 Disney oder 48000 Grafika. But not such puzzles like 24k Life, and so on.)

7. How many puzzles may I play?: You may assemble as many puzzles as you want within the 60 days of WPD.

8. Teams: Feel free to build a team with your pal, parents, children or friends. If you are a teacher and want to build a team playing with your pupils, be very welcome.

9. Secret Symbol: On December 31 (11:45 pm, CET) you’ll see a video on WPD 2022 telling you the Secret Symbol. This symbol must be visible on at least three photos of each puzzle. It makes sure that you didn’t assemble your puzzle just before the event, and it is every year something different.

10. Photo of progress: You will get a personal photo album and may upload into it every day as many photos of progress/details as you want. But at least three photos of each puzzle! The first photo of every puzzle at the beginning. The second one at around 50% of your progress. The last one shows the (almost) finished puzzle.

In WPD 2018 it was a Fridge Magnet. The symbol is usually something, most players have at home. If you have not the given item at home, you can write its name one a little piece of paper: "(The Symbol) - WPD 2018". No problem.

11. Photo of Finished Puzzle: Make 1 photo of the finished puzzle without Secret Symbol, like in photo #4 above, and send it by our submission form to the WPD Team. Your photo will be uploaded as soon as possible by the organizing team to the current MINE IS DONE album and added to your players account.

Note! We may ask every player before the beginning, to upload 1 photo into the album Test-Uploads. If you have a problem we can solve it before the event. During the event is less time to explain! For explanations we have one compartment of our website's forum where you can ask or read explanations.

12. Raffle: On the first days of March 2022 will be held a raffle of many puzzles and more. Every player becomes after each 2000 assembled pieces 1 more ticket for the raffle. Maximum 4 tickets a player.

13. Declaration of Consent: I agree with the possible publication of photos uploaded by myself on the venue, and my name, city and the country where I'm playing, in our videos of the most beautiful puzzles or on our website on Puzzler's For an additional publication in newspapers, I must be asked for agreement by the medium. The organizer declares hereby, that illegal publications of my photos or data by third parties can't be prevented. As well as I declare that I agree with this risk.

I wish you a lot of fun playing in the WPD 2022! Let’s have again a lot of fun together!