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Welcome to the World Puzzle Days 2022!

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 😃 Have you ever played in the WPD? 😊

Do you know how it runs? It is soo easy! There are only a few steps and always the same. I explained the Games very clear here for you. From the very first step, "being interested" in playing the WPD until the last step, "how to play" in only a few lines or minutes to read.

But what is the World Puzzle Days?

You can play in the WPD since 2013 together with hundreds of kind puzzle players from all over the world. Also for the WPD 2022 there are again more than 500 players from 40+ countries registered. Every player gets an own album where he may play and show his daily progress on his puzzles. To connect also players from outside facebook we have a cool website where you all can enjoy your activity on fast opening tables and by moving symbols. Once a day updated you can always see how you are doing between all other players, or simply between all players only in your country. - 60 days long worldwide fun! Do you see a puzzle you would like to set as a favourite? No problem! Simply send it as a favourite and you'll have it stored in your Personal Card! You can play for yourself, you can play for 1 to 4 "Fun-Groups" adding up all your assembled pieces to the account of these groups where all pieces from all players of these groups will count together, you can play for your country or city, you can play for your gender -yes, we have a Battle of Sexes and women can try to assemble more than men or viceversa! We'll give 5 points during the WPD. Who will snatch more than 2 of them? Women or men?- or you can play "just for fun".

But most you can is watching thousands of fascinating jigsaw puzzles of hundreds of different puzzle manufacturers from Planet Earth!

The WPD is the original, was always unique! The WPD is a view into worlds beyond our own field of local market's offers since the very first days. Enjoy the Games they revoluzionized the Puzzler's World in 2013. In times where there was no other puzzle activity on facebook.


What are you waiting for? 😁 We all are looking forward to seeing you playing also in the WPD 2022. The WPD was an idea. You are the enrichment who makes the idea alive. On the few steps I wrote for you, you can read about every step and also about the allowed sizes of puzzles, we all are playing. We play from December 31 on, until March 1, 2022. Nobody has to start on the first day. Start whenever you want! Everybody may play as much as he wants. So register and watch out for amazing puzzles you can play for us!
Here a few screenshots for you. To see what you'll find after registering on Puzzlers Paradise.
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