All Steps from your interest in participate until how to participate in the
World Puzzle Days 2022

You have no idea what to do to participate, and how you should participate? 🧒🏽 I'll explain here everything step by step...
  1. People interested in playing with hundreds of puzzle friends from all around the world can read here our rules.
  2. Registration #1: If you decide to participate in the WPD, be very welcome! You can register here.​​
    • You will be asked about some unexpected things... ​Would you like to play for a Fun Group? (You may play for 1 to 4 groups and all your pieces will be added up to their accounts.) These groups you can see right beside the registration form in a table.
    • You will also be asked if you would like to be protected against rankings. If you do not like rankings, then simply choose "I play just for fun. Please no rankings." But you should know that ranking pages will be without access for you later. If you want access to all pages then do not mark this ⬜!
    • You may give a guess, how many pieces will be assembled in the WPD. For this please give an average number of pcs/player, as we do not know how many players will participate.
  3. Registration #2: Please register also on Puzzlers Paradise. (By the log-in button.) Only after your registration here I can assign you to one of the two players groups "Just for Fun" or "Rankings Players", and this decides for your accessibility on Puzzlers Paradise!​
  4. Next step is to go to our facebook group (if you want to play on facebook!) and send a member request. This group you can find here.
    You need to be a member in that group. Only members can upload photos!

Now you have access to all places and pages you will need to enjoy the WPD 2022!


After these steps, the players usually ask, "and what to do now?"...
  1. I will prepare everything for you to be ready to start. You will get a Personal Album, if you play on facebook, and find yours by this table. Names contain links! Players on Puzzlers Paradise will play in our Groups. And you will be added to all our numerous tables on the website. You will get access to the rankings pages and a batch with your country. So when you write in the forum, you'll see your country and flag below your name.
  2. Please check your Players Number on the table of All Player's Albums in the first column from left, and write yours down on a sheet of paper. You will need it everytime you will send a finished puzzle.
  3. You meanwhile may watch for beautiful puzzles you would like to play in the WPD from December 31 on... Puzzles may have from 1000 to 10,000 pieces. Bigger puzzles only if the bags show a complete picture (Like Ravensburger 42000 "Disney", etc.), and diptyches of 500+500 are also allowed. But only if you mix the bags in the first photo of progress to make a 1000 pcs puzzle of it. 🧒🏽
  4. On December 31 at midday (CET) you will see a video where I show you the Secret Symbol of the WPD 2022. You will see this video here, on top of our group on facebook and also on your Personal Card in the red box of messages from Günther.
  5. Then you may start when our countdown is at Zero and I wish you a lot of fun in the WPD 2022 and a Happy New Year 2022. 😁
To play the Game you need to do always the same and only a few steps...
  1. You play your puzzle and make at least three photos of it during the assembly. One at the beginning, one around 50% and the last one between 80 and 100%. And a last photo of the finished puzzle, preferably without the Secret Symbol. Of course you may make as many photos as you want of your puzzle. But at least three. Your progress photos you upload into your Personal Album you got from me.
    And the last one without Secret Symbol you send to me by
    this submission form. You can find this form in the left menu above, called "World Puzzle Days" and also on our WPD Pinboard by the yellow button "Send Finished Puzzle". 🧒🏽
Aqua City 1-K.JPG
Aqua City 2-K.JPG
Aqua City 3-K.JPG
       Photo 1: Start                                  Photo 2: ~50% of Assembly                                Photo 3: Between 80 and 100%
    ...and then a photo of your finished puzzle
Aqua City 4-K.JPG
If you forget to make a photo at the start or at 50%, due to your enthusiasm, there is no problem. These marks are more or less!
If you forget and make your first photo only after the assembly of the border, or the second only at ~70% this is also okay.
But please do not upload your photos to Personal Album long time after you have sent the finished puzzle to me, and please do not wait to send many puzzles together. WPD would be a ghost town, if all players upload only on weekends or so.
That's all!
You may start immediately your next puzzle, if you want. After sending the finished puzzle by the submission form to me, I will upload it to our MINE IS DONE albums on facebook and this website. All MID Albums from both platforms you can find here. So players from facebook can see also the puzzles from VK players without facebook and viceversa. I will add your puzzles once a day to the WPD table and within the next 24 hours you will see your puzzle online in the tables and rankings and also on your Personal Card.

Please discover also the two menus above, "World Puzzle Days" and "WPD Rankings". In best case still before the event. So you know where to find everything you are interrested in. The left menu is for all players and especially for "Just for Fun Players". The right one contains all topics "Rankings Players" are interrested in. But of course these players need also the left menu. 🧒🏽 If you see pages without access for you, this 'problem' will be cleared by your registration as a Rankings Player".
Have Fun in the WPD 2022!